TINDUR is founded by Christina Olsson and Torsten Oster Schmidt. Christina is a graduate furniture architect and has worked 15 years with web, design and branding. Torsten is a graduate landscape manager and has many years of practical experience with food sensory as a professional flavor and fragrance judge at the University of Copenhagen.

We are deeply fascinated by the Nordic landscapes and the link to the minimalist aesthetics that characterize Nordic design and lifestyle. As gastronomically interested and passionate tea drinkers, we also have a great interest in the sensory dissemination of the new Nordic kitchen of this particular link.

For many years, we were looking for a modern and new Nordic alternative to the classic teas. However, it was clear for us, compared to the coffee market the tea market could not provide the same range of highly specialized products. Since we could not find what we were looking for, we had to take action ourselves. The idea of creating a tea that reflects the Nordic landscapes was thus born. In 2016, we started the development of the concept.

We are therefore pleased to offer our modern teas with a new Nordic approach from primo 2018. All ingredients, of which many are of wild origin, are carefully selected and characteristic of the Nordic landscapes that the teas reflect. It is important for us that our products speak to all senses and to provide a clear connection between design, look, fragrance and taste. The intention is that the landscapes are present when you are drinking our teas.

TINDUR means mountain peak in Faroese and Icelandic and is chosen as our company name because where else can you get the best view of a landscape than from a mountain peak? Our icon is drawn after the pyramidal mountain on the island of Kunoy, Faroe Islands, viewed from Klaksvík.




Torsten Oster Schmidt


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